Hi Friends!
Welcome to my Promotional Art Page!  You will find some art that you can download at no cost.  It's just my way of saying "thank you" for your kind support in my art and books, and for being great patrons.  

Feel free to download the images, and please give credit :)
Thanks a million!  Enjoy!

This Month's Promo

A cute Valentine's Day Card for your special someone.  Card is for 8.5x11 paper.  Just download and print! There is a folding line where you fold the paper in half and it becomes a card. 

Adorable Valentine's Day Cards for your kids' class!  These cards are for 8.5x11 paper.  Feel free to download, print, and cut along the lines! Each page makes 4 cards.  You can write a cute note or even stick a candy on each card.